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1. Joining Time

Joining Time

  Governing Law

               Central Civil Service (Joining Time) Rules, 1979

 Joining Time –­­ Meaning

                Joining time is the time granted to a Government servant in case of a transfer, to enable him to join the new post either at the same or a new station. The employee is deemed as on duty and is entitled to joining time pay for the period of joining time admissible to him.


Employees Covered

                CCS (Joining Time) Rules do not apply to-

(a)    Railway employees,

(b)   Armed Forces Personnel and those paid from Defence Services Estimates,

(c)    Government servants engaged on contract and those who are not in whole-time employment of Government,

(d)   Government servants, paid out of contingencies.



(i)      Joining time is granted on transfer, enabling the Government servant to join the new post either at the same or a new station.

(ii)    In case of temporary transfer for a period up to 180 days no joining time is allowed. However, only actual transit time, as in case of journey on tour, may be allowed.

(iii)   Surplus staff transferred from one post to another under a Scheme for Redeployment of Surplus Staff in also eligible for joining time.

(iv)  Government servants discharged due to reduction of establishment from one office and re-appointed to another office are entitled to joining time, if appointment orders received discharge from old post, the period of break (not exceeding 30 days) may be converted into joining time without pay by the Head of Department, provided the employees have rendered not less than 3 years continuous service as on the date of discharge.

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(i)      Central Government servants and permanent/provisionally permanent State Government employees, appointed to posts under the Central Government on the result of a competitive examination and/or interview, will be entitled to joining time. Temporary employee of Central Government having less than 3 years continuous service will be entitled to joining time but not to joining time pay.

(ii)    A Government servant proceeding on leave from a place in a remote locality or to a place in remote locality or returning from leave from a remote locality or to a remote locality is entitled once in a calendar year to joining time for the period of journey.

(iii)   A Government servant domiciled in the Union Territories of Andaman and Nicobar of Lakshadweep, proceeding on leave to his home-town in another island, and on returning from leave from his home-town shall be entitled to once in a calendar year, joining time for the period of journey by sea subject to maximum of 7 days for each journey.



Amount of Joining Time

(1)    Transfer in Same Station: On transfer to a new post within the same station, one day’s joining time is allowed.

Note: ‘Same station’ means the area falling within the jurisdiction of same municipality or compotation and under its contiguous suburban municipalities notified areas, cantonments etc.

(2)    Transfer Not involving Changes of Residence: On transfer to a new post, which does not involve does not change of residence from one station to another, one day’s joining time is allowed.

(3)    Transfer to another Station: On transfer from one station to another, involving change of residence , joining time is admissible based upon the distance between the old and new station as follows:

Distance between the old and new Headquarters

Normal cases

Joining time admissible where there is continuous travel by road for more than 200 km.

Up to 1,000km.

10 days

12 days

More than 1,000 km. and up to 2,000 km

12 days

15 days

More than 2,000 km.

15 days [sec. Note (1) below]

15 days



(1)    In case of air travel, the maximum joining time available I s12 day’s

(2)    The distance for the calculation of joining time should be actual distance travelled and not the weighted one adopted for fare by Railways in some sections.

(3)    In case of transfer to/from NE Region (including Sikkim) A&N, Laskshadweep nd Ladakh, 2 days additional joining Time shall be followed besides normal joining time.

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(1)    When holiday(s) follow(s) joining time the normal joining time shall be deemed to have been extended by such holiday(s). However holiday(s) cannot be prefixed to joining time.

Calculation of Joining Time

(a)    Joining time shall commence from the date of relinquishment of charge of the old post if the charges is made over in the forenoon or the following date if the charge is made over in the afternoon.

(b)   The distance for the calculation of joining time should be calculated from H. Qrs. to new H. Qrs. in all cases including where.


(i)                  The employee receives orders in a place other than his H.Qrs.

(ii)                The employee makes over charge at a place other than his old H.Qrs.

(iii)               H.Qrs of an employee is changed, while on tour to tour station itself, and

(iv)              Temporary transfer is converted into permanent transfer.

Extension of Joining Time

Joining time can be extended up to 30 days by the Heads of the Departments of the Government of India, based on principle that the total time is approximately equal to 8 days for preparation + reasonable transit time + holidays, if any following.

Combination of Joining Time with Leave/Vacation

Joining time can be combined with any Kind of leave (except CL) or vacation.

Another Transfer while in Transit

If an employee in transit receives orders directing to report at a place other than the one in the original orders, he will get fresh joining time form the date of receipt of the orders based upon the distance between the place of receipt of orders and new H.Qrs., in addition to the joining time already availed.

Cancellation of Transfer before Joining Time to Leave Account

Unavailable joining time (not in case of transfer to same station) can be credited to earned leave account as per rule 26(1)(a)(ii) of Leave Rules.

Authority for Sanction of J.T. and J.T. Pay

Joining time is sanctioned by the administrative authority having control over the employee at the time he proceeds on transfer.

Joining Time Pay

For the period of admissible joining time, the remissible joining time, the employee is entitled to draw pay and dearness allowance at the rates drawn before relinquishing charge. He can also draw

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compensatory allowances like HRA at the rates applicable to the old station of posting. However, no conveyance allowance or permanent travelling allowance shall be allowed.

Joining Time in case of Transfer at Own Request

(a)    No joining time is admissible.

(b)   However, official posted to place of their choice on completion of full tenure will be entitled to transit time.

(c)    Regular leave may be availed to cover journey period from old to new station.

(d)   If journey period is no regularized by leave, it will be treated as dies non and will not count for increment, leave or pension.

(e)   Holidays intervening between handing over and taking over of charge can be availed. The pay for the period so availed will be paid by the department which the employee joins after transfer.


Treatment of Joining Time

          Joining time will count for increment in the substantive post and the post for which the pay is drawn.

           Joining time in continuation of leave will count for increment in the posts on which the last day of leave counts for increment.

           Willful absence from duty after expiry of joining time will be treated as misbehavior for the purpose of FR 15.