Leave Rules

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(i)      Higher studies or specialized training in a professional or technical subject having a direct and close connection with his sphere of duties;

(ii)    Studies connected with public administration.

(iii)   Studies capable of widening his mind and improving his ability as civil servant.

(iv)  a Ph. D. course by an IES or ISS officer;

(v)    a post-graduate course in Medical Sciences by a Medical Officer;

(vi)  a post-graduate course by a specialist or technical person.

The leave is not admissible-

(a)    for studies not of India if facilities for the same are available in India;

(b)   for studies in academic or literary subjects, other than those mentioned above;

(c)    for any course in such frequency as to disrupt employee’s contact with his regular work or cause difficulties due to his absence.


Employee Eligible

     The employee must have satisfactorily completed probation and rendered at least 5 year regular continuous service (including probation). Employees who are due to retire on superannuation within 3 year (5 year in case of Central Health Service Officer granted 36 months study leave) from the expected return after study leave are not eligible.


Period of Study Leave

(a)    Maximum 12 months at a time;

(b)   Maximum 24 months in all during entire career” (36 months For Central Health Service Officers for prosecuting post graduation courses, provided they give a bond to serve for 5 years in Govt. after completing the course); and

Study leave can be combined with other kinds of leave, provided the total leave (except extraordinary leave) shall not exceed 28 months for general and 36 months for Ph.D. courses.

If the course falls short of the study leave, the employee should resume duty immediately after the course. The employee may obtain prior sanction of the leave sanctioning authority to treat the period of shortfall as ordinary leave.


1.       The employee shall execute the requisite bond undertaking to serve the Govt. for at least 3 years (5yeare in case of Central Health Service Officers granted 36 months study leave) after the study leave. The bond period shall be extended by the aggregate periods of leave of any Kind availed by the employee during the currency of the bond period.

2.       Study leave is not debited to any leave account.

Leave Salary and Other Benefits

(a)    For study outside India: Pay last drawn + DA +HRA +Study Allowance.

(b)   For study in India: Pay last drawn + DA+ HRA (No study allowance).