Travelling Allowance

1. Travelling Allowance

Travelling Allowance


            Travelling Allowance is granted to an employee to reimburse to him the expenditure incurred on account of travel from one place to another whether within the state or outside the state or even abroad. The allowance is granted on several occasions such as tour on official duty, transfer to another station, temporary transfer, and deputation for training, local journeys, retirement, etc.

                Besides, TA concessions are also available for the family members of a retiring/deceased employee.

Classification of Employees w.e.f Entitlement for TA

(i)                  W.e.f.1.7.2017, TA/DA entitlement shall be determined as per the pay in the pay level, and does not include NPA, Military Service Pay or any other type of pay like Special Pay, etc.         

(ii)                For TA entitlement, while on transfer from one post to another, pay for the lower of the two grads will be applicable.

(iii)               In case of re-employee pensioner-

(a)    If he ceases to draw pension or pension is ignored for fixation of pay on re-employment, pay for the purpose of TA shall be pay drawn by him, and

(b)   If pension is drawn and his pay is reduced by non-ignorable part of pension, pay for the purpose of TA shall be pension before commutation + pay drawn in the re-employed post, subject to a maximum of the pay scale.



Entitlement for Journey by Rail (w.e.f. 1.7.2017)

Pay Level in Pay Matrix

Travel Entitlements

14 and above

Business/Club Class by air/AC I by train

12 and 13

Economy Class by air/AC I by train

6 to 11

Economy Class by air/AC II by train

5 and below

First Class/AC III/AC Chair car by train


Travel entitlement for journey in Premium/PremiumTatkal/Suvidha/Shatabdi/Rajdhani/Duronto Trains, will be as under:

Pay Level in Pay Matrix

Travel Entitlement

12 and above

Executive/AC 1st Class (in Premium/Premium Tatkal/Survidha/Shatabdi/Rajdhani trains as per available highest class)

6 to 11

AC 2nd Class/Chair Car (in Shatabdi Trains)

5 and below

AC 3rd Class/Chair car