1. Joining Time

Joining Time

  Governing Law

               Central Civil Service (Joining Time) Rules, 1979

 Joining Time –­­ Meaning

                Joining time is the time granted to a Government servant in case of a transfer, to enable him to join the new post either at the same or a new station. The employee is deemed as on duty and is entitled to joining time pay for the period of joining time admissible to him.


Employees Covered

                CCS (Joining Time) Rules do not apply to-

(a)    Railway employees,

(b)   Armed Forces Personnel and those paid from Defence Services Estimates,

(c)    Government servants engaged on contract and those who are not in whole-time employment of Government,

(d)   Government servants, paid out of contingencies.



(i)      Joining time is granted on transfer, enabling the Government servant to join the new post either at the same or a new station.

(ii)    In case of temporary transfer for a period up to 180 days no joining time is allowed. However, only actual transit time, as in case of journey on tour, may be allowed.

(iii)   Surplus staff transferred from one post to another under a Scheme for Redeployment of Surplus Staff in also eligible for joining time.

(iv)  Government servants discharged due to reduction of establishment from one office and re-appointed to another office are entitled to joining time, if appointment orders received discharge from old post, the period of break (not exceeding 30 days) may be converted into joining time without pay by the Head of Department, provided the employees have rendered not less than 3 years continuous service as on the date of discharge.