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(a)    HRA during Deputation Aboard – is allowed at the rates of his Headquarters up to one year. After one year, HRA is allowed it family stays at Headquarters and requisite certificate is furnished.

(b)   HRA during Training in India

(i)      For employees not drawing Daily Allowance-HRA is allowed at the headquarters’ rate or at the rated of the training station whichever is more favorable to the employee.

(ii)    For employees drawing Daily Allowance-HRA us allowed at the headquarters’ rates (even for the period after 180 days).

(c)    HRA during Training Aboard- is allowed at the rate the employee would have drawn had he not been on training abroad.

During leave in between or at the end of the training period, no HRA is allowed.

(d)   HRA during Suspension-is drawn at the rate it was drawn before suspension.

(e)   HRA during Temporary Transfer-For first 90 days, HRA is allowed at the rate of old Headquarters, as he would have drawn there, and thereafter, with reference to new Headquarters.

(f)     On failure, after acceptance, to occupy the accommodation within 8 days of date of receipt of allotment letter.

(i)      License fee up to 12 day accommodation will be charged from that date.

(ii)    No HRA is allowed up to period of 12 days from that date.

(g)    On Sharing Accommodation

(a)    HRA is allowed, if an employee shares private accommodate-dation with spouse (both husband and wife are allowed HRA separately) or the Government accommodation allotted to another employee (other than spouse, Parents or children).

(b)   HRA is not not allowed of an employee shares accommodation allotted rent free to another employee or allotted to parents/children by the Central /State Government, Autonomous Body, Public Undertaking, Municipality, Port Trust.

(I)              HRA in Lieu of Rent Free Accommodation – is admissible to the employee for that city besides the lowest amount charged as license fee for the entitled type of accommodation.

(m)  HRA on Not Accepting Accommodation – Government servant who-

(i)      Are eligible for Govt. accommodation but do not submit application,

(ii)    Refuse to accept accommodation when offered/allotted.

(iii)   Surrender the accommodation after accepting,

May be paid HRA, in respect of all types of accommodation, at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Simla,  Shillong, Hyderabad, Agartala, Kohima, Imphal, Dehradun and Trivandrum, without obtaining “No Accommodation Certificate” for Dte. Of Estates. However, in case of Government servant at other stations, HRA should not be paid without “No Accommodation Certificate” form Dte. Of  Estates.