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(i)      An employee can cancel/change the nomination at any time (even after retirement, but before payment) but the change will take effect from the date of receipt of the same by A.O.

 For scope of ‘Family’ for the purpose of GPF see  Chapter on FR & SR.

Advance from GPF

                Advance is allowed for following purpose:

(a)    Illness of the employee or any family members or any dependent, including travelling for the purpose.

(b)   Education (including primary, secondary or higher education) of the employee or any family member or any dependent, covering all streams and education institutions.

(c)    Obligatory expenses on ceremonies such as betrothal, marriage funeral, first shradh ceremony etc.

(d)   For the cost of legal proceedings instituted by or against the employee or any family member or any dependent.

(e)   Cost of a legal practitioner engaged to defend him in disciplinary proceedings against the employee.

(f)     For purchase of consumer durable such as TV, VCR, VCP, Washing Machine

 Cooking rage, Geysers, Computers etc.

(g) For pilgrimage or visiting places of eminence of any religion.

Amount of Advance

      The maximum amount of advance (s) for purpose above shall be 12 month’ pay or 3/4th of the balance at credit, whichever is less.

      Normally second advance is not granted until repayment of the previous advance. However in special cases, advance may be granted I excess of the limit aforesaid and before repayment of previous advance.

Note: pay for this purpose include dearness pay, if any. In case of an employee under suspension, pay means pay drawn by him immediately before suspension.


Recovery of Advance

(a)    the advance shall be recovered from the employee in minimum 12 and maximum 60, equal monthly installments.


(b)   An employee may opt for less than 12 installment or may repay more than one installment in a month.

(c)    Recovery will commence from the month next to the month in which the advance was drawn.

(d)   No recovery will be done, except with the consent of employees, while he is under suspension, or on half-pay leave or leave without pay for 10 days or more in a calendar month.

(e)   No recovery will be done during last 3 months or service.

(f)     The sanctioning authority may order recovery of an advance if is has a reason to believe that the advance has been misutilised by the employee and the explanation furnished by him is found not satisfactory.

 Withdrawal from GPF

                Withdrawal from GPF is permitted for almost all such purpose for which an advance can be obtained from GPF. Besides, withdrawal  from GPF can also be made for purchasing a residential plot or constructing/acquiring a residential house/flat or repayment of a housing loan, or for