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The concession may, however, be carried forward to the first year of the next block (e.g., in respect of the LTC for 2016-17, the outward journey can be performed up to 31.12.2018)

(i)      Home town LTC is admissible irrespective of distance of home town from headquarters.

(ii)    An employee (including unmarried) having his family at his home town can avail LTC for himself alone every year instead of having it for both self and family once in two years. An unmarried employee can avail conversion of one of the four Home Town LTC into all- India LTC. However, an employee availing home town LTC every year, is not entitled to the facility of carrying forward.

(iii)   An employee and his family members may avail LTC in different groups at different time during a block of two years,

(iv)  The journey will be counted against the block of two years within which the outward journey commences, even if the return journey is performed after the expiry of the said block.


All India LTC

(a)    In lieu of one of the two home towns LTC in a block of 4 years such as 2014-17, 2018-21 etc, the employee and his family can avail one All India LTC and travel to any place in India.

(b)   The place of visit should be declared beforehand.

(c)    Any change in declared place of visit should be intimated to controlling authority before commencement of outward journey.

(d)   An employee and his family members may avail LTC in different groups at different times during a block of four years.

(e)   An employee and different members of the family can visit different places, but each should declare the place of visit beforehand.

(f)     The concession meant for a particular four years block can be carried forward to the first years of the next block.


Facility for New Recruits

          New recruits to service (w.e.f.1.9.2008) can travel on three occasions to their home town and in the fourth occasion to anywhere in India in the first four years of service (from initial date of joining Govt. service). It LTC is not availed in years it shall not be carried over to next years, it shall lapse. The first two blocks of 4 years shall be personal to them. After initial 8 years of service, LTC shall be allowed as per normal provisions. In case Home Town and Headquarters are same, only all India LTC can be availed on the fourth and eighth occasion.


 (a)    Fare for the journey from place of duty to home town/declared place of visit both ways for self family by the entitled mode of conveyance subject to restrictions laid down below and limited to actual expenditure.

(b)   The entitlement shall be determined as per orders in force, at the time of commencement of outward journey.