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(a)    Travel entitlement for journey by air/rail/road/steamer on LTC shall be the same as for the purpose of official tour/transfer’ but no daily allowance shall be admissible for travel on LTC.

 LTC Claim

          A claim for LTC concession should be submitted within 3 months of completion of the return journey, if no advance, had been drawn, otherwise the claim shall forfeit.

          Where advance has been taken the claim should be furnished within one month of completion of the return journey.

          The employee should indicate in his LTC claim the PNR No. in addition to ticket No.


Facility of LTC Advance


(i)      Advance up to 90% of the can be availed.

(ii)    The advance for outward journey can be drawn 65 days before the proposed date of journey (125 days in case of journey by train).

(iii)   The advance shall be refunded in full if the tickets are not product within 10 days of grant of advance.

(iv)  Advance can be separately drawn for self and different groups of family members if they are travelling separately.

 Facility of Leave Encashment while proceeding on LTC

          See chapter on ‘Leave Rules’.