1. Leave Rules

Leave Rules

Governing Law

          Leave admissible to Central Government employees is regulated as per CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972.

 General Principles

(i)                  Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

(ii)                Leave of any kind taken earlier can be commuted in to leave of any other kind at a later date on an application made within 30 days of joining duty after leave, by the employee and at the discretion of the leave sanctioning authority subject to adjustment of leave salary.

(iii)               If leave is applied on medical grounds, the employee should produce.

(a)    In case of a CGHS beneficiary and living in an area covered by the CGHS at the time of illness- a medical/fitness certificate (in prescribed form) from a CGHS doctor.

(b)   In case a Government servant who is not a CGHS/who though a CGHS card holder is not residing in an area covered by CGHS-a medical/fitness certificate from Govt. hospital or his AMA. However, in case of non-Gazette employee, if an AMA is not available within a radius of 8 kms. Of his residence or it is difficult to obtain medical certificate from CGHS or AMA, a certificate from an RMP may be accepted.

(c)    In case of hospitalization/indoor treatment for a particular kind of disease (e.g. heart, cancer etc). Permitted in a recognized private hospital- a medical/fitness certificate from the authorized doctor in such a hospital.

(iv)              Leave sanctioning authority may-

(a)    Refuse or revoke any kind of leave.

(b)   Commute retrospectively periods of absence without leave into Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL) and

(c)    Secure second medical opinion if needed when leave is applied on medical grounds.

(v)                Leave sanctioning authority cannot alter the kind of leave due and applied for.

(vi)              No leave of any kind can be granted for a continuous period exceeding 5 years. If anyone is absent from duty for a continuous period of more than 5 years other than foreign service, with or without leave, he shall be deemed to have resigned from disability

(vii)             Leave on medical certificate in connection with disability should not be refused or revoke without reference to a medical authority, whose advice shall be binding.

        The ceiling (of 5 years) on maximum permissible leave shall not be applied in case of leave in connection with disability. Any leave debited for the period after a Government servant is declared incapacitated shall be remitted back into the leave account.

(viii)           Any kind of leave may be granted in combination with or in continuation of any other kind of leave except casual leave.