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(i)                  When the period of lave is preceded or followed by Holiday then such holiday(s)/Sunday/Saturday/Second Saturday/Restricted Holiday then such holiday(s) shall not be counted as leave. In other words, the employee shall be permitted to be absent on such holiday(s) without taking leave.

(ii)                An employee on leave (including leave preparatory to retirement) shall not return to duty during the period of leave except with the permission of the competent authority.

(iii)               An employee on leave including leave preparatory to retirement should not take up any service or employment elsewhere without prior sanction from competent authority.

(iv)              An employee on leave on medical ground will be allowed to return to duty only on production of medical certificate of fitness as discussed above.

(v)                If an employee overstays after leave without prior sanction:

(a)    The period of overstay will be debited to Half Pay Leave (HPL) account to the extent HPL is available and the balance period of overstay if any left out will be treated as EOL.

(b)   The entire period of overstay will not be counted for increment unless such period is commuted as Extra Ordinary Leave and the EOL is specially allowed to count for increment.

(c)    The employee will not be entitled for leave salary for the whole period of overstay.

(vi)              Willful absence from duty after expiry of leave may entail disciplinary action against the employee.

(vii)             For the purpose of leave, persons re-employed after retirement shall be treated as if employed for the first time.

(viii)           If the employee intends to go abroad during leave, the leave sanctioning authority shall take prior approval of competent authority (or where no competent authority is designated, the leave sanctioning authority himself) for permitting the officer to go aboard.

(ix)              If an employee is declared by medical authority as completely and permanently incapacitated leave permissible under rules may be granted to him. He may not be invalidated from service.

(x)                For better monitoring of attendance and leave of Government employees, AADHAR enabled bio-metric attendance system has been installed in all Government Offices.




E.I. Account

(i)                  Credit to the E.I account of an employee will be made, as under:

          (a) On entering the service, 2.5 days per month for each completed calendar month from the date of joining to the immediately following 1st January 1st July, rounding up to the nearest full day;