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(b) therefore, 15 days EL is credited on each 1st July and 1st January every year (i.e. 30 days EL for each completed year of service);

          (c) On retirement 2(1/2) days per completed calendar month in the relevant half year, in which he retired;

          (d) on the date of removal from service/dismissal, at the rate of 2.5 days per month for each completed calendar month up to the end of the calendar month preceding the calendar month in which he is removed or dismissed from service, rounding up to the nearest full day shall be credited,

          (e) When a Government servant dies while in service, 2(1/2) days completed month of service up to the date of his death.

          (f) when over joining time is not fully utilized, the joining time admissible subject to a maximum of 15 days, as redacted by the number of days actually availed , shall be credited to EL, account. However the total credit of El and unutilized joining time shall not exceed 300 days.

The one-day joining time for transfer in the same station if not utilized cannot be credited to EL account.

(i)                  The EL to the credit of an employee at the end of a half-year shall be carried forward to the next half-year and accumulated up to a maximum of 300 days.

(ii)                When the credit of EL at the start of any half-year, result in the total accumulation of EL being more than 300 days, the 15 days EL for that half-year shall be kept separately and set off against the leave availed during that half-year. Any portion of this separately credited leave not availed within the half-year, shall be accumulated with the previous EL to the credit of EL account provided the total accumulated EL does not exceed 300 days. Such procedure may be resorted to in cases where the earned leave at the credit of the Govt. servant on the last day of December or June is 300 days or less but more than 285 days. This does not apply to unveiled joining time.

(iii)               EL account of the employee will be debited-

(a)    To the extent EL is availed of,

(b)   1/10th of the EOL availed and/or period of dies non during the previous half-year subject t a maximum of the credit to be afforded for the next half-year (i.e.15 days)

(iv)              EL can be availed up to-

(a)    180 days at any one time.

(b)   300 days in case of leave preparatory to retirement.

(c)    300 days in case of Group ‘A’ officers if the entire leave or a portion of it is spent outside India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan, provided out of the leave so granted the leave spent in India does not exceed 180 days.

(v)                Earned leave should not ordinarily be denied to any employee, especially in the last ten years of his career.