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-          Up to a maximum of 60 days by a female employee in continuation of maternity leave;

-          Up to a maximum of 60 days by a female employee having less than 2 living children, on adoption of a child less than one year.

(i)                 Commuted leave can be granted at the request of the employee even when EL, is at the credit of the employee.

(ii)               When commuted leave is taken, twice the number of days so taken is debited to HPL account.


Grant of Leave Not Due (LND)

(a)    Leave not due is normally granted to permanent employees and to temporary employee in certain special cases.

(b)   It is granted when the employee has not HPL to his credit and the leave sectioning authority is satisfied that there is reasonable prospect of the employee returning to duty after the leave.



(i)                  Leave not due is granted only on production of medical certificate except in following cases;

-          Female employees applying for LND in continuation of maternity leave;

-          Female employees with less than two living children applying for LND on adoption of a child less than one year.

(ii)                The amount of LND shall be limited to-

(a)    The HPL the employee is likely to earn subsequently; and

(b)   A maximum of 360 days in the entire service.

(iii)               LND shall be debited to the HPL account of the employee.

(iv)              LND should not be granted as leave preparatory to retirement.

(v)                If an employee on LND, resigns/retires voluntarily without returning to duty-

(a)    The LND will be cancelled.

(b)   The retirement or resignation shall take effect from the date of commencement of leave,

(c)    Leave salary paid, if any, will be recovered.



   Grant of EOL

(a)    EOL, is granted when (i) no other leave is admissible; or (ii) other leave is admissible, but the employee requests for EOL in writing.

(b)   The EOL granted in one occasion shall not exceed: