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(1)   For permanent employee: Maximum 5 years for all kinds of leave. No separate limit for EOL.

(2)   For temporary employee:

(i)                  3 months - general limit for all employees, whether with or without medical certificate.

(ii)                6 months – for employees with minimum one year continuous service, against medical certificate for common ailments.

(iii)               18 months – for employees with minimum one year continuous service undergoing treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) or pleurisy, TB of any other part of the body, leprosy, cancer or mental illness.

(iv)              24 months –for an employee with minimum three year’s continuous service, for the purpose of prosecuting studies. This period can be further extended, if the employee undertakes to return to duty after leave and work for at least another 3 years.

(3)    For SC/ST employee: leave required for attending the Pre-Examination Training Course at the notified centre, without any limit.

(a)     Two spell of EOL, intervened by any other leave will be considered as one spell for applying limit as above.

(b)   EOL can be granted to regularize periods of absence retrospectively.


Admissibility and Conditions

(i)                  Departments where regular vacations are allowed during which employees serving there are permitted to be absent from duty, are called vacation departments.

(ii)                Leave entitlement in vacation departments is the same as in other departments except in case of EL.

(iii)               If in any year of 12 months of actual duty in a vacation department an employee avails full vacation, on EL will be allowed to him. If in any year, the employee does not avail any vacation, or where due to orders of higher authority, the employee does not avail any vacation or enjoys up to 15 days of vacation only, EL will be allowed as in other departments. However, if he avails of a portion of the vacation, he will be entitled to EL in such proportion of 30 days as the number of days of vacation not taken bears to the full vacation. No earned leave shall be admissible in case of temporary employees in first year of their service.

(iv)              The EL to the credit of an employee at the end of a half-years shall be carried forward to the next half-years and accumulate up to a maximum of 300 days.

(v)                Facility of crediting unveiled joining time to EL account will be admissible in vacation department also.

(vi)              Vacation and leave of any kind can be combined but the total period of vacation and earned leave taken should not exceed 300 days at a time. Vacation can be combined with CL also.