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Special disability leave is admissible to any employee (permanent or temporary) who are disabled by any injury or illness incurred in the performance of his duties.


(a)    In the case of the disability due to injury.

               i.                        The disability should have manifested within 3 months of the occurrence to which it is attributed.

              ii.                        The employee should have acted with due promotion to bring the disability to the notice.

(b)   In case of disability due to illness:

(i)                  AMA should certify that the disability is directly due to performance of a particular duty.

(ii)                If it has been contacted during service (other than with a military force) the leave sanctioning authority should be satisfied that the disability is exceptional in character.

(c)    Special disability leave is not debited to any leave account.

(d)   The leave is counted as duty for purpose of pension.

(e)   Period of leave:

               I.                        The leave will be allowed to the extent certified by AMA subject to a maximum of 24 months.

             II.                        For the same disability leave can be granted more than once, but for a single disability total leave should not exceed 24 months.

(f)     Disability leave can be combined with any other kind of leave.


Leave Salary

(a)    For the first 120 days-Equal to leave salary on EL (i.e. pay last drawn).

(b)   For the period after 120 days-Equal to leave salary on HPL.

The employee has option to avail earned leave salary for another 120 days, if he avails both disability leave and half-pay leave concurrently.




    Hospital leave is granted to the following employees while under medical treatment in a hospital or otherwise for illness or injury directly due to risks incurred in the course of official duties:

(a)    Group ‘C’ employee whose duties involve handing of dangerous machinery, explosive materials, poisonous drugs and the like, or performance of hazardous tasks.

(b)   Group ‘D’ staff

Leave may be granted for such period as the leave sanctioning authority considers it necessary.



(i)                  MC from AMA must be produced.

(ii)                The leave can be combined with any kind of leave, but the total period so combined should not exceed 28 months.

(iii)               This leave will not be debited to any leave account.