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(a)    Child Care Leave may be combined with leave of the kind due and admissible (including commuted leave up to 60 days and leave not due) up to a maximum of one years.

(b)   The leave cannot be demanded as a matter of right. Employee must obtain prior approval by leave sanctioning authority.

(c)    Holiday (s) in between CCL will be counted as CCL.

(d)   CCL may not be granted in more than 3 spells in a calendar year irrespective of the number of days or times CCL has been availed earlier.

(e)   LTC cannot be availed during Child Care Leave.



Admissibility and Conditions

(a)    If a female employee with less than two surviving children, adopts a child (including child taken as ward, conferred by will same status as natural child), of less than 1 year, she will be entitled to 180 days child adoption leave.

(b)   In continuation of child adoption leave she may avail leave of any kind due and admissible, for a period up to one year or till the child is one year old, whichever is earlier. Even leave not due and commuted leave up to 60 days without production of M.C. is admissible.



Admissibility and Conditions

(a)    Paternity leave is admissible to male employees (including apprentices, casual employees with temporary status and industrial employees in deptts. Other  than Railways) with less than two surviving children during the confinement of his wife i.e. up to 15 days before or up to six month from the date of delivery of the child. If the leave is not availed of within this period it shall be treated as lapsed.

(b)   Male Government servant (including as apprentice) with less than 2 surviving children, on valid adoption of a child (including child taken as ward, conferred by will same status as natural child) below the age of one years, shall be entitled to paternity leave within a period of 6 months from the date of adoption.

(c)    Period of leave: 15 days.

(d)   It can be combined with any other kind of leave.

(e)   It may not normally be refused.

(f)     It will not be debited to any other leave account.



                Study leave is admissible for employee’s pursuing-