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Stipend/scholarship/remuneration for part-time employment shall be adjust against leave salary subject to the condition that the leave salary will not be less than that admissible on HPL.

(a)    HRA us payable at the rate of last place of duty for the first 180 days and thereafter the payment will be subject to production of prescribed certificates.

(b)   Employee granted study leave will not be entitled for TA or cost of less for study (except in special circumstances).





(i)      This is not a recognized form of leave at all.

(ii)    A person on CL is considered to be on duty.

(iii)   Amount of leave entitled:

(a)    8 days in a calendar year for those having 17 holidays.

(b)   10 days for the operating and maintenance staff and P & T dispensary employee.

(c)    Those joining in the middle of the year can be allowed to enjoy the full 8 days or only the proportionate days corresponding to number of months left in the calendar year at the discretion of the competent authority.

(iv)  CL, can be combined with vacation and special CL.

(v)    CL, cannot be combined with any other kind of leave.

(vi)  CL, can be taken while on tour (but no DA for the days of CL will be allowed).

(vii) CL, can be taken for half a day also.

(viii)   Sunday/Holiday falling in between CL are not treated as CL.

(ix)  Holiday can be prefixed or suffixed to CL

(x)    CL normally should not be granted for more than 5 days at a time except under special circumstance.

(xi)  LTC can be availed while on CL.




Purposes for which SCL can be granted

(a)    For sports Activates- special casual leave in granted up to a maximum of 30 days in a calendar year for.

(a)    Participating/coaching/administration of teams, in national/international sporting events, attending training or coaching camps,

(b)   Participating in mountaineering/trekking expeditions, and

(c)    Participating in programmed of adventure sport/similar activates conducted by Central Civil Service Cultural and Sports Board (CCSCSB).

For participated in inter-ministerial/ inter departmental sports/tournaments, SCL up to 10 days in a calendar year is allowed.