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(a)    of traffic because of calamities, bandh, etc and to all employees irrespective of distance of residence in case of picketing, disturbance, and curfew.

(b)   If an employee has already applied for other type of leave for the day/s covered in (a) above, the leave applied for (including CL) will be given but not special casual leave.

(i)                  For Meetings/works Connected with Co-operative Societies- Member, delegate members, managing committee members and office bearers are eligible for special CL up to 10 days in a calendar year+ minimum journey time if posted outside the H.Qrs of the society and for the actual period of the meeting if posted at the H.Qrs of the society.

(ii)                For participation in Activities of Kendriya Sachivalaya Hindi Parished- SCL is granted up to 20 days in a year including journey time.

(iii)             During Elections- special casual leave ins granted for the day of election/bye election for Lok Sabha/State Assembly in the constituency where the employee resides, if his office were outside the constituency and is not closed for the day.

(iv)              For Training-

(a)    As members of St. Johns Ambulance Brigade to the extent not covered by ordinary casual leave;

(b)   As member of P & T unit of Territorial Army;

(c)    As members of officially sponsored auxiliary police organization such as Home Guards, National Volunteer Corps, etc

(v)                For Differently Abled Employees: subject to exigencies of work, not more than 10 days in a calendar year for participating in the Conferences/Seminars/Training/Workshops related to Disability and Development-related programmed organized by National and State Level agencies to be specified by the Min. of Social Justice and Employment.

Leave in excess of 10 days shall be treated as regular leave of the kind due and admissible.

Besides Special casual Leave of 4 days in a calendar year shall be allowed to the employees with disabilities for specific requirements relating to his disability.



(i)      Special CL can be combined with any other type of leave or CL but not with both at the same spell.

(ii)    Holidays in between Special CL are not treated as Special CL.

(iii)   LTC can be availed during Special CL.




Leave up to a maximum of 90 days shall be granted to an aggrieved female Government employee on the recommendation of the Internal Committee/Local Committee, during the pendency of inquiry of a sexual harassment complaint. The leave so granted shall not be debited to the leave account.