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   An employee, who is due to retire shortly, may either avail the leave to his credit before he retires or receive cash payment in lieu of leave. The former is known as leave preparatory to retirement and the latter as leave encashment.

Leave preparatory to retirement can be availed of by an employee, to the extent of-

(i)      Earned leave due, not exceeding 300 days; plus

(ii)    Half-pay leave due, on medical certificate.

It shall not include any extraordinary leave. Besides, the leave may extend up to and including the date of retirement at the most, and not beyond that.




(i)      If ad hoc appointment is for a brief period to meet urgent requirement:

(a)    Earned leave will be granted at the rate of 2.5 days per month of completed service.

(b)   The leave will be granted in full days only.

(c)    Leave encashment at termination of service is not allowed.

(ii)    If ad hoc appointment made for a brief period initially, continues beyond a period of 3 year without break, or where the appointment is treated as ad hoc for purely technical reason, that benefit of all kinds of leave as admissible to temporary employee under the Leave rules shall be available to ad hoc employees from the date of their initial appointment.




(i) El is allowed as in the case of regular employees.

(ii) HPL & Commuted Leave is allowed as admissible.

(iii)   EOL is allowed as per scale below:

(a)    For tenure up to one year: no EOL.

(b)   For tenure more than one year but less than 5 years: As in case of temporary official, limited to 90 days for the whole tenure.

(c)    For tenure more than 5 year: As in case of temporary employees.

(d)   For indefinite tenure: As in case of permanent employees.

(iv)  Encashment of leave at credit on termination of contract is allowed as below:


Period of contract

Maximum EL encashment

2 years or less

No encashment

More than 2 year up to 5 years

50 days

More than 5 years up to 10 years

100 days

More than 10 years up to 15 years

150 days

More than 15 years up to  20 years

200 days

More than 20 years up to 25 years

250 days

 More than 25 years

300 days