1. CEA

Children Educational Assistance

 Governing Rules

      Assistance for education of children of Government employee is available in the form of children Education Allowance and Hostel Subsidy.


        All Central Government employees without pay limit including deputation to Central Government industrial employees, civilian employee paid from Defence Estimate and employees deputed outside or on foreign service if terms of deputation/foreign service so allow, are eligible for the assistance.



(i)      Child (including stepchild) is wholly dependent on the govt. employee.

(ii)    Assistance is available till the child is up to 20 years (22 years in case of physically/mentally handicapped children) or till the end of the current academic session, whichever is later.

(iii)   The child must study in a recognized school and attend the school regularly, or through correspondence or distance learning.

(iv)  If the period of absence from school without proper leave, exceeds one month, the assistance will not be admissible.

(v)    The assistance is admissible in addition to the scholarship/free ship to the extract of fees actually paid.

(vi)  The assistance is available for up to 2 children. In case of more than two children, the allowance is admissible for the two eldest surviving children only.

(vii) The assistance can be availed in respect of school going children only i.e for children from classes nursery to XII, including classes XI and XII held by junior college or schools affiliated to Universities or Boards of Education or a recognized school/institution (i.e. a Govt. school or an educational institution, whether Govt. aided or not, recognized by the Central/State whether Govt. aided or not, recognized by the Central/State Govt./UT Administration/university/recognized educational authority for the area or whose fees are approved by any of theses authority.

(viii)     If both the parents are eligible for such assistance whether under Central Government or under some other employer, only one of them can claim.

Note: The claimant employee shall furnish an undertaking the CEA has not been claimed in respect of the child by any other claimant.

(ix)  The assistance is admissible when the employee is no duty/leave (including extraordinary leave) suspension but not during the period of dies non.