1. Central Treasury Rules

Central Treasury Rules


                Treasury Rules of the Central Government (vol.I) apply to payment of pensioners benefit to the Government pensioners in the Central Government and Union Territories.

                These rules also apply to an office authorized to hold and operate on a Department Treasure chest.

 Important Definitions

                (a) Account General means the Head of an office of Account and Audit subordinate to the Comptroller and Auditor-General whom the accounts of the treasury are rendered.

                (b) Account Officer means the Head of an Office of Accounts set up under the scheme of departmentalized of Government  Accounts.

                (c) Audit Officer means any officer subordinate to or under the superintendence of , the Comptroller and Auditor-General, who exercise audit function.

                (d) Collector means the Head of a District and includes any other officer for the time being authorized to discharge the duties of the Collector.

                (e) Treasury include a sub-treasury. It also includes a Pay and Accounts Office set up under the scheme of departmentalization of account.

                (f) Bank Treasury means a treasury the cash business of which is conducted by the Bank a non-Bank Treasury means a treasury other than Bank treasury.

                (g) Central Treasury means and includes a treasury or sub-treasury under the control of the Central Government and treasuries in Union Territories.