Palindrome - Palindrome are those numbers, dates or words which reads same as forward and backwards.

Today the fourth Tueday of Febraury has a palindrome date that is 22022022 read it as forward or backward it will remain same. Palindromes are also not only related to numbers, it can be words, phrases or dates

Is this is magic or very unique ?

No it is not the palindrome are not new to the India as it is found in many of the languages in India especially in SANSKRIT, Yes you heard correct in SANSKRIT, not only few words of sanskrit are palindrome, but it has pelothra of palindromes, to name a few: 

लाल, कनक, नयन, सरस, काशीका,जलज,कणिक,कलिक,जयज,नन्दन,मञ्जिम,नवीन

SANSKRIT not only has palindrome words, it has a name for it. The palindrome in sanskrit is known as

अनुलोमप्रतिलोमपदम् and चित्रकाव्यम् 

Now lets delve into the history and origin of palindrome. 
The first palindrome words were invented by The ancient Greek poet Sotades (3rd century BCE) invented a form of Ionic meter called Sotadic or Sotadean verse, which is sometimes said to have been palindromic, but no examples survive,and the exact nature of the "reverse" readings is unclear.
The Sator Square.
A palindrome was found as a graffito at Herculaneum, a city buried by ash in 79 CE. This palindrome, called the Sator Square, consists of a sentence written in Latin. (source: Wikipedia)

We all know that SANSKRIT is far more ancient than Greek or any other European language. The origin of SANSKRIT dates back to 1500 BCE, Initially the verses, prose and words in sanskrit were trasnmitted orally. Later on it were documented. Thus, it can easily be conferred that SANSKRIT is the first langauage that has invented Palindrome and given to this world. 
This simply means INDIA is first to give Palindrome to the world and I feel proud of it.

In this closing note I submit in front of my enteemed readers to decide by themselves, who is the real inventer of PALINDROME., Indians or Greek

Please do provide your valuable comments

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